CASE STUDY: A smart budgeting and repair prioritization software enables Petawawa to justify roadway repairs

Located in Renfrew County, Ontario, the Town of Petawawa is a sought-after destination for outdoor century architecture, active waterfront and amazing food. 


The Challenge

Petawawa was faced with aging roadway infrastructure as well as limited budget resources to repair and maintain it. Deciding which roads and sidewalks to fix and when to undertake the work was subject to being challenged and incorporating a more robust system based on technical evidence was necessary to make prioritization more justifiable.

The Solution

To fulfill its asset management needs, the Town of Petawawa selected Streetlogix, a highly customizable, web-based asset management software that enables municipalities to optimize road budgets within a user-friendly GIS environment. The software allows users to view the current state of their infrastructure and makes maintenance and repair recommendations, including prioritizing roadway projects. Streetlogix’s intuitive analysis and tools improve decision-making, estimate budget requirements and create capital improvement plans to optimize every dollar invested.

Thanks to Streetlogix, Town Staff has gained a better understanding of the Municipality’s current roadway and sidewalk network condition, and where to target investments. Staff is now able to interactively collaborate, share, edit, and view right-of-way assets as well as perform budget planning and estimate future maintenance and repair costs.

Decision Trees
Editing Functions
Sidewalk Management

Moving forwards with an asset management solution was possible in part via the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) Municipal Asset Management Program (MAMP) Grant, which helped the Town cover part of the costs.

The Benefit

Streetlogix has enabled Public Works Staff to objectively look at the best and worst roads and sidewalks in the municipality and prioritize repair work accordingly. Among the software’s various capabilities, the decision tree and scenario building features have become the most popular among Town Staff. The decision tree editor allows Petawawa users to easily update repair methods, unit costs or repair priority weights for both pavement and sidewalks.

Capital planning has also brought value to the Town, which is now able to prepare capital improvement plans with a 10-year horizon, generate reports, add/remove segments from each scenario, estimate a budget based on a target Pavement Condition Index (PCI) or Sidewalk Condition Index (SCI), and more.

“Streetlogix has enabled us to create capital improvement plans and review different scenarios to drive greater value during budgetary discussions,” mentioned David Unrau, Director of Public Works for the Town of Petawawa.


Town Staff has benefitted from joining Streetlogix’s ongoing training workshops to realize the technology’s full capabilities and learn about the latest software updates. Town Staff has also praised Streetlogix’s customer service. “I would absolutely recommend Streetlogix. Anytime I have a question, I receive quick service,” concluded Unrau.