Capital Improvement Projects Reach New Heights with Management Platforms

Infrastructure Asset Management, Transportation Asset Management, Street Asset Management, Roadway Asset Management … these are all keywords that Public Works departments are searching to find the best tools that can organize information on their centerline miles and ROW assets. The best tools for the best price, that is.

Cost can be a prohibiting factor for teams that want to make the digital transformation but find it difficult to receive funding for administrative improvements. Without new tools, the cost of labor to increase your team size to cover the tasks that need to be done is considerable and you’re often left to work with the team you have. Luckily, the cost of new software that doubles and triples the productivity of your current team is a tiny fraction of your budget.

Below are a few factors to consider for new roadway asset management platforms

Robust Tools

The need to have a visual understanding with historical knowledge at your fingertips is essential. A proper Asset Management solution to make use and display the data is critical. Standard asset management requirements must include:

  • A Work Order system with Mobile capability (iOS and Android)
  • Budget and Forecasting Tools + Charts
  • GIS integration with the Assets and their attributes
  • Mobile Work Order creation
  • GIS Esri integration
  • Preventive and Scheduled Maintenance
  • Notifications
  • Reporting


The essential criteria above will impact the growth and future funding capability of that community. But there is still the need to have deeper analytic capability to truly understand the family of assets and their attributes in order to be able to assess and make intelligent decision making for the benefit of the organization.


All of the road and ROW asset domains (curbs, trees, signs, etc.) are in one visually centralized dashboard that provides both management and crews access to their inventory of total assets and a complete lifecycle aspect. Data can be collected and stored via a 360’ camera, then displayed to provide a prioritized daily work order list with long-term future projects, as well as a clear picture of the departments daily work in progress.

Visuals + Simulations

The need for visual tools has never been more in need than in today’s world as the world has had to implement new methodologies in order to conduct business and problem solving. Equipping Public Works organizations with visual and analytical tools such as Decision Trees, Budget Planner, and Budget Estimator – all included with Streetlogix’s software offering – will allow the user to have a variety of viewpoints to assess the condition of an asset and the needs of the department.

Streetlogix’s proprietary AI/Analytic capabilities generate up to 4000 algorithm iterations for each scenario to select the best one, and provide a deeper understanding and more intelligent way to plan, manage and execute work against your family of assets – and not just on a worst to best condition basis.

Leveraging Streetlogix’s AI-enhanced tools with GIS embedded with Esri provides the level of knowledge needed to make well informed decisions. The easy-to-use software interlaced with our Transportation industry expertise and Streetlogix’s implementation team means your organization’s business processes will be tailored to your needs to be up and running in a production environment in 1 month or less.

The Coronavirus has proven that local governments must continue to be proactive going forward and to expect the unexpected. Public Works leaders need to continue to plan for the growth and future of their communities while balancing the safety of their employees should another surge or pandemic occur in the future. It is imperative that local leaders take steps now to implement the necessary software tools to update and modernize their systems in order to make intelligent decision making. Streetlogix makes transportation asset management easy.